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SongFrame, Chirp and Chorducopia Discontinued. Tanager AudioWorks is no longer in business.


SongFrame, Chirp and Chorducopia have been discontinued as of August 2015. We will keep the product pages up for downloads for existing customers, but new orders are not being accepted.



SongFrame Progessions


Check out the Downloads tab for a free "lite" version of SongFrame called SongFrame Progressions. Sorry Windows users - Progressions only runs on Mac OSX, but will run up through El Capitan 10.11!

Software Tools for Songwriters and Recording Musicians





A Note to Anybody Trying to Authorize DVD or CD Versions of Our Products

Several years ago (2008-2011) we sponsored several songwriting contests, thinking this was a good and noble use of our donated products. What we learned was that many prize recipients turned right around and tried to sell our software to other people - a practice we won't support. The DVD versions of these promotional products we donated are all now long out of support. Our goal at the time was to honor and congratulate the winners - not create a gray market for our own products.




We occasionally see these promotional shrink wrapped DVD's appear on EBay, Amazon and other places - even today, many years later. Same thing applies - we ONLY offered our products as downloads via our own webstore, and if you got our products in any other way, you need to get your money back! Somebody sold you something they didn't pay for. In any case, this isn't our issue to solve.

If you won a product and attempt to sell it, OR if you bought a shrink-wrapped version of one of our former products on EBay or similar, you can rest assured we won't provide a license key. If you sold it - stop it. If you bought it, get your money back. These terms appeared in our End User License Agreement (EULA.)