Software Downloads (Products No Longer For Sale)

Tanager AudioWorks is not currently doing business thus no techical support will be provided. Except for the free SongFrame Progessions for Mac OSX product offered below, these downloads are for our previous customers only.

Your license keys were EMAIL'd to you when you purchased the products from our webstore - retain them in case you need to re-install these legacy products. Most Tanager products operate only through Windows 7 or Mac OSX 10.8.


SongFrame Songwriter's Toolkit Software (Build 9.0)


SongFrame Progressions for Mac

For those of you that really need the basic chord progression building and MIDI export capability that SongFrame had at its core, here's a free Mac version of a "lite" product called SongFrame Progressions that might do the trick. Sorry - no Windows version is available. BUT - it will run on most Mac OSX versions up through 10.11.

Use the license key 6589-1354-DBBB-374D-4D6E-2DE7-285F-9B9C when prompted and the software will unlock. Use the manual for SongFrame for the basic operation, as Progressions is the same exact thing without the melody, audio and lyric track capability. Technical Support for this free product is only available via the printed documentation for SongFrame above.

Please be sure to install the latest Adobe AIR from the Adobe website to get Progressions to run. Enjoy!


Chirp Virtual MIDI Keyboard Controller Software (Build 2.0)



Chorducopia Audible Chord Library Software


End User License Agreement For All Tanager Products Sold